USA’s interest in Caspian Sea oil to bring more trouble to Russia


Oil and natural gas of the Caspian states seems to be of strategic significance for the West, Richard Morningstar, the US special envoy for Eurasian energy issues said. Why does the US administration show so much interest in the Caspian Sea region? Does it mean that US army bases will soon be deployed there?

The Caspian Sea region will play an important role in the field of energy security for decades, Mr. Morningstar said. The official added that the region was a strategically important source of energy resources for the whole world. The Caspian Sea, Morningstar said, would supply the world’s need in fuel for a very long time. Increasing the output of hydrocarbons in the region was possible owing to convenient export routes, he added.

“The gas resources of Azerbaijan exceed two trillion cubic meters, the oil reserves of Kazakhstan are estimated at 40 billion barrels. Turkmenistan has large gas reserves – over thee trillion cubic meters,” Morningstar said in Baku , the capital of Azerbaijan, on June 2.

The official approved Turkmenistan’s intention to become more open to foreign investors. He urged the nation to be more flexible in developing ground-based deposits. Mr. Morningstar stressed out that his country approved Azerbaijan’s and Turkmenistan’s cooperation with the United States in terms of developing the energy resources of the Caspian Sea region.

“The United States and the European Union are concerned about the access to energy,” Morningstar said. He added that last-year’s events in Georgia and the gas crisis between Russia and Ukraine made Europe more vulnerable in terms of the energy security.


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