Stratfor unveils another spooky story of Russia’s imminent supremacy in Europe


There is no such notion as a former intelligence officer. An intelligence officer always remains an intelligence officer. This notion becomes particularly clear when you read the so-called “analyses” from the US Stratfor (Strategic Forecasting) agency. The agency collects information to look into the future of various regions of the globe. Stratfor’s founding father, George Friedman, is a former professor of geopolitics.

The agency’s products – forecasts and predictions – are especially important for companies involved in global trade. Stratfor does not expose the names of its clients – it only says that it cooperates with both large corporations and private individuals.

Stratfor surprised its clients with an analytical note in 2004, which said that the Bush administration addressed to the Kremlin with a suggestion to dispatch a considerable military contingent to Iraq or Afghanistan. The sources of the agency close to Russia’s Security Council said that then-President Putin accepted the offer from the White House and even ordered the General Headquarters to prepare the plan of the operation by the end of July 2004.

Washington said that it would like to have the Russian troops deployed in the area of the Sunni triangle, where anti-American sentiments were especially strong. The Russians were only supposed to suppress the Iraqi resistance to give the Americans an opportunity to achieve their strategic goals in the region.

This is absurd, many people will say. However, this absurdity sells for very good money.

Stratfor released another sensation on June 22 – the tragic date, when Russia marked another anniversary since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.

This time, Stratfor scared its clients with the revival of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, as well as with Russia’s and Germany’s looming supremacy in Europe.

Brad Macdonald, a columnist with the US-based Trumpet Magazine published an article based on Stratfor’s recent “analysis.” The article is titled “Is another Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact Imminent?”

“Germany and Russia are not close friends, and any appearance that they are is a harbinger of conflict. During a visit to Russia last week, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier waxed eloquent on the relationship between Russia and Germany, stating that “Russia is an indispensable partner for Germany and the European Union,” and touting “German-Russian cooperation as a model of interaction, so that both sides will benefit if our potential is united,” the columnist wrote.

Afterwards, Mr. Macdonald pictured the apocalypses of the future, in which the union of Russia and Germany conquers Europe.

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