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2010/10/20 Nabucco official says pipeline may not need Turkmen gas

he planned Nabucco gas pipeline will not need gas from Turkmenistan if deals are struck with alternative suppliers, a consortium shareholder said on Monday.

A top official with German RWE AG energy group told the Bloomberg financial news agency that Nabucco Gas Pipeline International is negotiating to secure natural gas from Azerbaijan and northern Iraq.

“If those materialize there will be no room for Turkmen gas anymore in Nabucco phase 1, the 31 billion cubic meter capacity pipeline,” a Bloomberg report quoted the chief executive of RWE’s supply and trading unit, Stefan Judisch, as saying in an interview on Monday. RWE AG is in charge of planning the Nabucco pipeline.

The pipeline is intended to lower Europe’s dependency on Russian supplies while also helping Caspian Sea suppliers to diversify its customer base away from Russia.

The project would especially benefit Turkmenistan, which is actively seeking new outlets to free itself from Moscow’s grip on its exports.

It is Azerbaijan’s and Turkmenistan’s dependency on Russia that puts them at a disadvantage over Iraq as suppliers of energy, Bloomberg said.

Gas-rich but geographically isolated Turkmenistan needs to both preserve its ties with Russia and forge an agreement with Azerbaijan to pipe gas across the Caspian Sea in order to be a reliable source for Nabucco.

Alternatives to laying a pipeline across the Caspian Sea, whose littoral states are mired in territorial disputes, are being examined. But among the options, a Caspian pipeline is “the most economic route and the one which promises the most value,” the RWE official said.

However the German company may be able to close a deal with Iraq before the end of 2010, Judisch said.

Iraq is seen as the “most real” supplier of the three because of its lesser dependency on Moscow, the news agency cited another Nabucco official as saying last month.

In its first phase, the $11 billion Nabucco pipeline is designed to transport up to 31 billion cubic meters of gas a year from the Caspian region to an Austrian hub via Turkey and eastern Europe – a distance of more than 2,000 miles.

RWE and its partners – OMV from Austria, Mol of Hungary, Transgaz of Romania, Bulgarian Bulgargaz EAD and Ankara-based Botas – each own about 16.7 percent of Nabucco. 1,306 tankers transport 1.2 billion barrel oil from Ceyhan terminal

Representative of the Turkish operator of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline for Turkey Murat Lekompte said 1306 tankers transshipped 1.2 billion barrel of oil from the Ceyhan terminal in Turkey to the world markets from 2006 June to October 14, 2010. Lekompte added, that the “Tengiz-Chevroil” company in Kazakhstan is planning to start transportation of oil via BTC.

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